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Hormone Testing |Springfield MO

Your hormones are a very important part of your health.  Meek Chiropractic believes that real health starts WITHIN.  To find out what is really causing your health concerns, our doctors know that by providing to test to see where your body may be out of alignment.  Not just with your skeletal system.  

Symptoms you may be experiencing when you have hormone imbalance:

• Fatigue

• Headaches

• Weight gain

• Thinning hair

• Sleep disturbances

• Depression

• Irregular cycles (women)

• Foggy thinking

• Mood swings/irritability

• Loss of libido (sex drive)

• Decreased urinary flow/ increased urge (men) 

Hormones are complex. For men and women.  They’re produced throughout your body by nearly a dozen glands and organs, and are collectively known as the endocrine system. 

When in balance they interact in an elegantly intricate formula — a mix that determines growth, development, mental function and physical function at every age. When they’re out of balance, growing evidence shows that it can cause anything from fatigue to infertility, headaches to depression, weight gain to loss of libido.

Meek Chiropractic current works with ZRT Labs to provide these test in our office:





We are also very excited to provide the 20 year expertise of Dr. Sonja O'Bryan to our patient's at Meek Chiropractic.  Meek Chiropractic is working with the healthcare community to bridge the gaps for our patients to provide them a path to natural health.

Dr. Sonja O'Bryan, Pharm.D. received her Bachelor's degree from St. Louis College of Pharmacy and her Doctorate from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. She also is a Board Certified Healthcare Diplomate with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. 

Once we have your test results, Dr. Sonja will meet with you at our office to discuss a plan of action to help you on the road to  hormone balance.  Dr. Sonja works in our office one day a week to provide $50 consultations to review your labs and prepare your customized plan.  

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